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UPDATE 06/20/23

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Thank You for visiting this site.  This is just a simple page to show fraudulent issues with the Instagram page, kaderenfroabuse.  It is not flashy by design. We are just simply getting the truth in front of as many people as possible. 

The Truth About kaderenfroabuse on Instagram

Sometime in the evening on May 23rd, 2023, an Instagram account with the account username “kaderenfroabuse” went live.  Initially the account only had a few followers.  The account sought out anyone related to Kade Renfro, friends with Kade Renfro, and sports/news agencies and followed them in hopes of getting attention to the account.  The Renfro family became aware of the account on May 24th, 2023, and began attempting to understand who was behind the account and why these accusations were being made.  By Thursday, May 25th, 2023, the account began to gain traction online and the followers started growing, quickly.  Thursday, Kade Renfro was essentially dismissed from the U of A’s football team, then put back on the roster the same day. Friday morning the National news picked up the story and the account followers grew exponentially.  


As of 06/02/23 this account has provided no actionable evidence and, in fact, used fake pictures and stories from real domestic abuse victims, not perpetrated by Kade Renfro, to attack Kade Renfro.  Following are examples of the fraudulent and illegal activity perpetrated by the Instagram account "kaderenfroabuse".  

Law Enforcement in Texas has picked up the case and will be reviewing the Instagram account to determine what crimes may have been committed, by the account holder, and, if so determined, may move forward with criminal actions.  

KRA Pic.jpg

While Kade Renfro is by no means perfect, he is also not what he has been purported to be by this Instagram account's owner.   What this Instagram account has done is dilute and cancel real victims and survivors by making false allegations with fake photos and stories in order to irreparably harm another individual.   By taking this action the account holder has discounted what real victims go through and has revictimized those that their real abuse photos and stories were used to make it appear as though Kade Renfro had committed the crime.  

The Renfro family supports real victims and survivors and hopes that they have not been severely impacted by this Instagram account holder. 

See below for real evidence of the fake Instagram page "kaderenfroabuse":

One of the first posts made by the kaderenfroabuse account on 5/23/23

3 Posts Alledging Rape.png

There are several issues with the above story, but the main one is that Kade Renfro could not have perpetrated this alleged assault in June of 2020 in Fayetteville, AR as in June of 2020, Kade Renfro was a student and football player at Ole Miss.  He did not enter the transfer portal, which he entered voluntarily, until November of 2020 and did not transfer to U of A until January 2021. 

Picture of abuse, allegedly perpetrated by Kade Renfro, posted to the kaderenfroabuse IG page on 5/23/23 at approximately the same time as the above fake story

lilyannn14 Pic 4.png
lilyannn14 Pic 3.png

lilyannn14, the real victim in these images, was not abused or assaulted by Kade Renfro as the Instagram page purported.  lillyannn14 was victimized by the kaderenfroabuse page by stealing images from her and trying to use those images to hurt someone else.  

The image to the left is a screenshot from a TikTok video posted by user lilyannn14 on 11/14/22.  In the video, lilyannn14 shows abuse that was allegedly perpetrated by a man by the name of Kaleb Dossie, who, as can be seen below, was arrested for the crime on 10/16/22 in Segwick County, KS.

lilyannn14 Pic 6_edited.jpg

These images were posted by the kaderenfroabuse page on 05/24/23 and purported that this was "YET ANOTHER GIRL AB*USED BY KADE RENFRO"

These images are clearly the same as the three previous images, except, these are screenshots taken from alexatillet's TikTok account.  These screenshots are from a video alexatillet posted on 9/7/22.  In this video, alexatillet says that the injuries she sustained in the video were perpetrated by Mauricio Soley in Kern County, CA.  Soley was arrested for this crime on 5/1/22.   

As can be seen above, many of the images and stories used to attack Kade Renfro on the kaderenfroabuse Instagram page are in fact, fraudulent.  Above is just some of the evidence gathered and only part of the overall story.  

Stay tuned here for updates and links to interviews as they are scheduled.

The light of truth starts to shine in the darkness. See full interview with Kade Renfro now. More of the story to follow. 

Initial Kade Renfro Interview Link


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